What Happens If You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth

If you neglect to replace your missing teeth, you leave the door open to lose more. Gaps in your teeth leave a space open in your jaw, this space is vulnerable to infections due to an exposed gumline. This space also creates a dilemma for the bones in your jaw, without a stimuli to keep bones healthy, the jaw bones may degrade or deform. It is also common to suffer from depression or anxiety while living with missing teeth. If you feel embarrassed to smile, over time you stop allowing yourself to.

What causes tooth loss?

Tooth loss is very common. Millions of people around the world have synthetic teeth replacement. Typically the cause of tooth loss is one of three options.

1. Infection- Gums are vital tissues in the mouth for structure and blood flow. This makes them active , living, organs, and prime targets for harmful bacteria. Dental Hygiene is so important because without it, we are left with decaying material in our teeth after we eat. Over time these leftover food particles harden, form plaque, and breed bacteria. The bacteria multiplies and enters the spaces between your gums and teeth. A bacterial infection attacks all the healthy tissue around it, down to the bony root and the gums. Infections can cause tenderness, pain, fever, bleeding, discharge, and eventually tooth loss.

2. Disease- Gum disease has a link to infection, but the two are not always the same. Gum disease can be inherited genetically. You can also lose teeth due to cranial, Temporomandibular, or Osteo diseases. Maintain regular visits with your doctor and primary dentist to monitor for signs of disease.

3. Trauma- Its a fear you forget about, you trip and fall and knock out a tooth. It sucks, but it happens. The best thing you can do is call a dentist quickly, and have them examinate you to deduce the extent of the damage. Make sure to schedule follow up appointments, because bone trauma is not always immediately identifiable.

How can you replace missing teeth?

Begin with an appointment to the dentist. Start with comprehensive x rays. Your dentist will be able to tell you which tooth replacement option will work best for the health of your gums. Some popular options include
* Dental Crown- A new synthetic tooth which is attached to healthy root structure.
* Dental Implant- A new tooth which is inserted into the root of a missing tooth. Strengthening the jaw.
* Bridges- Bridges connect areas of the mouth with healthy tooth structure, providing spacing support and aesthetic appeal. Great to cover an area of two or three teeth in a row.

See your dentist soon. Make an appointment for a comprehensive examination, and a dental hygiene cleaning. Your hygienist will be able to advise you on the proper way to care for your teeth, inform you where you are lacking, and tell you what risks are of concern. Your dentist may advise for you to come back after a period of recovery if you have recently suffered trauma.

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