Can You Get Veneers With Missing Teeth

Veneers require healthy tooth material to attach to. There are some instances where a lost tooth still has a healthy root. However, even if you require implants, there are options which are very similar to the benefits of veneers. Many tooth replacement options can actually be layered with porcelain, to provide that classis veneer look.

Why should you replace missing teeth?

First of all, you want to feel good about yourself. It is a fact that people who live without missing teeth feel self conscious about it. If you feel self conscious you are less willing to smile. It is also proven that people who smile less experience less happiness. Replace missing teeth so you can feel good about yourself.

Replacing missing teeth is also crucially important for your dental health, as well as your mental health. When you spend an extended time living with missing teeth, you are gambling with the likelihood of losing more teeth. Missing teeth usually leave behind an exposed tooth root through the gums, and the gums are a mucus membrane. As bacteria gathers in your mouth, it can enter your blood and your gums; making you sick and destroying the tissues in your jaw. Your jawbone itself risks shrinking or becoming deformed. If there is a gap of space in the jaw, there is a lack of space enforcement from your teeth. The root is also no longer receiving signals to stimulate the osteoblasts, the organelles that tell your jaw tissues to grow.

What are tooth replacement options?

For some veneers may still be an option. Veneers are excellent for most cosmetic replacement. A healthy structure is required and a beautiful porcelain veneer is attached to that structure.

You can also consider a dental implant. Dental Implants are inserted into the jaw, the bones and gums underneath grow to fuse with it. The dental implant crown can be made of various durable materials, like Zirconium. However, you can meld this durability with porcelain layering. This allows a super sturdy tooth to look near identical to a shiny veneer.

Dentures can help to replace rows of teeth. If you have serious dental decay, this is a great option. The dentures can be anchored in your jaw, just like an implant. They can also be attached with snap on clips, or slide out at night for cleaning. The materials for dentures have advanced, and they can be very aesthetically pleasing, depending on your own choices.

How can you get tooth replacement?

Call your primary dental care professional and ask to be seen. This is your chance to get a thorough exam, comprehensive x rays, and consult on replacement options. You should also ask for a detailed cleaning or scaling procedure. You want to start off with a great outlook on dental hygiene, and that begins with a clean slate. Ask your hygienist for advice on your cleaning and maintenance routine, and ask your dentist for a referral to a tooth replacement specialist.

Best Option for Missing Teeth Replacement