Natural Looking Dental Implant

One of the biggest technological advancements in the dental industry has been the introduction of dental implant restorations. This treatment is growing in popularity with a list of benefits that is long and genuine. Dental implants now deliver the closest restoration solution available and have become the new gold standard in restorative dentistry. The advantages extend both above and below the gum line.

Below the Soft Tissue of Your Gums

The primary benefit is one you cannot even see. To understand the positive impact on your oral health, the implant procedure needs to be explained. To first qualify, the integrity of your jawbone must be identified at the location where the space or gap is to be filled from the missing tooth. If your jawbone density in that spot is deemed adequate, the actual procedure can begin. If your jawbone has atrophied, it can still be reinforced with a simple bone grafting procedure. Then a tiny titanium post is surgically placed into the jawbone. With sufficient healing time this post will fuse and integrate with the jawbone, allowing it to function as if it was a natural root. It delivers the stability and security of a root. It also helps maintain the integrity of the jawbone, stopping any further atrophy or bone loss.

The Visible Artificial Crown

After the post has fused to the jawbone, an abutment or extension is added to reach the surface of your gumline. At this point a custom designed crown created in a dental lab is placed on the extension. This artificial tooth has been fabricated to match your surrounding natural teeth in color, size, and shape. The aesthetic result is a natural looking tooth that you cannot tell the difference from your natural teeth.

Natural in Form and Function

Not only does your new dental implant allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods, but it also brings you the confidence of natural-like stability and security. You can feel the biting and chewing pressure changes naturally, as well as hot and cold temperature changes. You will have no problems speaking as you could with a dental bridge or a removable restoration.

You Exercise the Same Oral Hygiene as a Natural Tooth

You must take care of your dental implant as you would any natural tooth. It is important to brush twice a day and floss around it once a day. You will continue to compliment your daily hygiene habits with dental exams twice a year. Not only will your dentist evaluate your teeth and gums, observe x-rays to monitor your health below the gumline, professionally clean your teeth, but also to monitor the health of your dental implant.

The Benefits and Advantages of Your Natural Looking Dental Implant

In addition to the many physical benefits, the life expectancy of a dental implant can easily be more than several decades. With proper care longevity can be extended. The added benefits fall into a quality-of-life category. The higher initial cost for your dental implant negates the multiple expenses you might encounter with replacing dental bridges or dentures. Most importantly, there is the under-rated value of your smile. Your smile is the foundation to your personality. It can drive your self-esteem and your self-confidence. A dental implant is worth the time and money invested to improve your quality of life.

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