Snap In Dentures

Snap in Dentures, also call implant-supported dentures or overdentures, is a successful combination of two technologies. You begin with the traditional set of dentures that continue to be improved regarding their aesthetics. Now, from a functional standpoint, you can secure your dentures in place with the new advanced dental technology of the dental implant. The surgically placed implants perform as tooth roots delivering numerous benefits, some unseen, and even more options in restoration solutions.

The American Dental Association now categorizes three types of dentures, which are immediate, traditional, or conventional, and the overdentures or snap in dentures.
* Immediate dentures are placed after the dentist removes your remaining teeth to provide you with a temporary denture while your gums are healing and adjusting.
* Conventional dentures are permanent yet removable dentures that the dentist fits after the gums have fully healed and any swelling is gone. The replacement teeth are held snuggly in place on the gums with the application of a denture adhesive every time you insert them.
* Snap In Dentures or overdentures can attach to a few remaining teeth, making it a partial denture, or most often secured with dental implants placed in the gums. The denture snaps onto extensions on the implants that protrude from your gums.

Understanding How the Dental Implant Works

Implant supported dentures need four optimal locations in an arch, upper or lower, for the implant support to be successful. Two placed in the rear, two placed at the front. After an extensive evaluation and the specific positions are identified, the dentist numbs the immediate areas with a local anesthetic and creates a small incision in the soft tissue for each location. Then a tiny titanium post, which is the implant, is surgically placed into the four jawbone spots. The incisions are sutured closed and over a period of several months these four implants integrate, bond, or fuse to the jawbone. After this period, an extension or abutment is added to each post to reach the surface of the gumline. You now have four anchor positions in which to affix the acrylic tray of the dentures.

The Framework for Snap In Dentures

To begin the process, an impression will be made of the arch, upper or lower, being dealt with. This impression acts as a roadmap for the dental lab to custom create your personalized set of dentures. The appliance will still consist of an acrylic tray that matches your healthy gums in color with porcelain or ceramic artificial crowns or teeth. This process also allows the lab to match your appropriate shade of your natural teeth perfectly.

After the implants have grown to the bone, and the abutments or extensions to the posts have been added to reach the surface of your gumline, the snap in technology is introduced. The tops of each extension will have a ball-shaped connector added. When the denture tray is completed four nylon snaps will be precisely added to the backside or the underside. These are perfectly placed to then snap on to the four posts. You now have secured in place set of replacement teeth.

The Benefits of Snap In Dentures

The advantages and benefits are extensive. Primarily, you have the stability and security of four posts acting like roots. These artificial roots deliver these benefits:
* Stability-Snap-in dentures are more stable than traditional dentures, which are made to be removable daily. This allows you to talk and converse without worrying about your dental adhesive not bonding well and your dentures slipping.
* Biting and Chewing Pressures- It allows you to deliver more biting and chewing force to enjoy more of your favorite foods. You will be able to each harder and stickier foods. The titanium post will also deliver temperature changes to the nerves telling you the difference between hot and cold.
* Comfort-Compared with traditional dentures, snap-in dentures will fit better and therefore will be more comfortable. There is also less friction on the gums so you will not experience sore gums.
* Aesthetics-Many people consider snap-in dentures to be more natural looking than conventional dentures.
* Jawbone Integrity-The pressures delivered to the jawbone stimulate the cells, preserving bone mass and eliminating further bone loss that can result from traditional dentures.
A huge benefit is that of your healthy smile. Since your smile is a dramatically undervalued asset, the snap in dentures deliver a healthy smile. You will regain your self-confidence and self-esteem with each day after having this restoration placed.

A Few Disadvantages of Snap In Dentures

Snap-in dentures can have some drawbacks as well. These need to be part of your final decision.
* Surgery- Snap-in dentures do require implant surgery. Although the success rate is exceedingly high, it is still a procedure that will require the administration of a local anesthetic in an outpatient setting.
* Cost- Snap-in dentures can be a costlier alternative to conventional dentures, and they might not be covered by your insurance plan.
* Addition Bone Grafting- Depending on your level of tooth or gum decay and the integrity of your jawbone, you may need a bone graft to support the implants necessary for snap-in dentures. This will come with an extended healing period.
* Maintenance- Snap-in dentures will wear as well. The attaching framework could become loose over time and need tightening.

Proper At-Home Oral Hygiene

The snap in dentures can be designed to remain fixed in place or removable. Either way, deliberate and proper care will extend the life expectancy for decades. You must continue to brush twice a day and to floss between the artificial crowns daily, as if they were natural. Bacteria and plaque will still bond to and adhere to artificial teeth as well. If the snap in dentures is removable, you simply snap them out, brush and soak them, and then brush your gums and the post attachments as well.

The Cost of Snap In Dentures

A full arch of dental implants is expensive. At $3,000 a tooth and replacing 14 teeth in an arch, most people cannot afford this solution. With only four implants supporting the snap in denture, you now have achieved the best of both worlds. The cost of snap in dentures will be more than that of traditional dentures but delivers the benefits of the dental implants. Your dentist will provide an estimate upon evaluation.

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