How Long do Swollen Gums Last

If you have ever been the victim of swollen gums, you know- the number one question on your mind is “When will this end?”
Swollen gums will end once you have solved the problem. Often it is a bit of unremoved food particles irritating the gums. It could also be an amalgam of food particles and bacteria, causing inflammation of the tissue surrounding your teeth. It could be a disruption deep in the root of your tooth, like an abscess. No matter what the cause, the process to recovery is the same; clean your mouth using your dental hygiene routine, see your dentist, and treat the symptoms.

What causes swollen gums?

Swollen gums are usually caused by infection. Infection is almost always related to hygiene. The reason dentists and hygienists are always telling you to brush and floss more is to avoid infection. When particles of food are left behind after you have finished eating, they stick to surface areas in your mouth. The decaying material creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The bacteria forms with the food into a material we call plaque, a paste like residue that lingers on your teeth, and slips into your gums. The plaque over time will harden, forming tartar. Tartar needs to be removed physically with scaling tools at the dentist. Any bacteria and foodstuffs that enter your gumline will spell bad news. The bacteria will attack the soft tissue, the food material will create space between your teeth and gums, leaving the “door open” for more debris. Over time they will destroy tissue and bone matter and occupy the space, forming an abscess or leading to periodontal disease. The next step is tooth loss and decay, no one wants that.

Swollen gums are simply gum tissue, the pink material that supports your teeth in the jaw, filling with blood after irritation. Swollen gums leave you with symptoms like; bleeding, bad breath, discharge or pus, pain, tenderness, itchiness, or general discomfort.

How to treat swollen gums quickly?

Make an appointment with your dentist. The sooner your gums are clean and you have a diligent hygiene routine, the sooner the swelling will go away. You may also need to pursue other options, like an antibiotic or antibacterial mouthwash to fight off advanced infection.

For at home remedies, look to these options.
* Warm Salt Water rinse
* Cool Ice pack or wash rag-constrict blood flow to swelling
* Brush gently with toothpaste and a soft bristle brush
* Floss gently to remove irritating foods (Popcorn, Tortilla Chips, Seeds, Pepper, Etc)
* Use an alcohol free mouthwash

See your dentist today for advice on how to quickly remove irritation and reduce swelling in your gums. Unless patients are suffering from advanced decay or infection, swollen gums do not often last longer than a week. Many patients report regular comfort in as little as 24 hours. See a hygienist, and get your dental routine back on track to avoid any advanced dental damage from swollen gums.

How to Get Rid of Swollen Gums