Gum Swollen around One Tooth

Is your gum swollen around one tooth? What could be causing it? Did you eat popcorn recently? While we are all familiar with the dreaded single shell of sharp popcorn, seemingly forever-lodged inside your gumline–it presents an interesting diagram for dental health and hygiene.

Gum Swelling and Hygiene

The popcorn shell is food material that you are eating. If the slick casing sticks to your teeth, and you do not remove it, it will break down and form plaque. Plaque is a pasty sort of accumulation of broken down food particles. Plaque hardens and form tartar, and both are a breeding ground for bacteria. As bacteria lingers, it multiples and irritates the tissues of your mouth and gums. If the popcorn shell you were eating gets stuck in between your teeth and gums; this is what happens with the bacteria. The bacteria, and rotten food material, breaks through the soft tissues defending your gumline and tooth root. Once this bacteria is inside it festers and destroys tissue around your tooth. This leads to bleeding, swelling, foul smells, tooth looseness, and eventually tooth loss. This happens with every food you eat, not just popcorn. Which is why it is so important to defend the health of your gums and teeth with proper hygiene.

What are the root causes of Gum Swelling around on tooth?

There are several causes of one tooth gum swelling. Some of the most common include

* Gum Infection- As stated above, this is often due to poor hygiene. Gum disease takes many forms, the most common being gingivitis.
* Gum Disease- Gum disease can be caused by genetics or poor hygiene. You can inherit gum disease from your parents, or you can acquire it through the buildup or bacteria.
* Abscess- An abscess occurs when tissue is destroyed in a small space underneath your tooth, leaving an opening. This develops into an “abscessed tooth” which can cause severe damage to one tooth. An abscess usually begins as a cavity.
* Cavity- Almost everyone has had one of these. Bacteria or physical damage creates a small piece of broken tooth material. Over time bacteria finds its way into the root of the tooth, and breaks down the tooth structure itself.
* Periodontal disease- Periodontal disease is usually an advanced form of infection or disease. Periodontal disease can lead to structural damage to your mouth or teeth. Make sure you see a dental professional at the first sign of disease.

What are the risk factors for Gum Swollen around one tooth?

Those who smoke, use tobacco, experience high stress, have diabetes, are pregnant, or already have advanced dental disease are at risk for gum swelling around one tooth.

When should I see a Dentist for Gum swelling around a single tooth?

Even if the inflammation is not severe, you should make an appointment to rule out any advanced complications. See your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups. For at home remedies to sooth gum swelling around one tooth, use a warm salt water rinse. You should also be brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. Brush soft in circular motions around the inflamed area, to protect the gums. Use floss to follow the contours of the tooth down to the gumline, to help remove hard stuck food.

How Long do Swollen Gums Last