Dental Implant for Seniors

As adults age, it is common for them to experience the threat of tooth loss. But just because tooth loss is happening, doesn’t mean older adults need to struggle with it. Fortunately, dental implants are a tooth replacement solution that offers aging adults an easy and reliable way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can enhance the appearance of the smile, restore eating and chewing ability, and improve overall quality of life. If you are hoping to replace one or more teeth, here is more information for you about dental implant treatment.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a metal or ceramic post that is surgically installed into the jawbone. By design, dental implants act like the root of a natural tooth, offering stability and security. After the implant surgery is performed, a several month healing period is necessary to allow time for the implant to fuse with the jawbone. Once the implant has fused to the bone, an abutment is placed on top of the implant to help connect an artificial crown. To reduce discomfort during the implant surgery, it is common for the surgeon to administer local or general anesthesia.

Benefits of Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental implants offer many benefits to older adults who invest in them. If you are in the process of deciding on the best tooth replacement option for you, you should consider the following benefits offered by dental implant treatment:

1. Improved Ability to Eat: Dental implants help to fully restore the ability to chew. With a dental implant, patients are able to return to eating foods that may have been previously painful and irritating to eat, including healthful fruits and vegetables. Eating more fruits and vegetables will not only allow you to eat foods you have missed, but also enjoy the nutritional benefits these foods offer.
2. Improved Appearance: Depending on the location of missing teeth, dental implants can help to improve the appearance of the smile. If you have missing teeth, you may not have realized how much you worry over the appearance of your smile.
3. Improved Quality of Life: Having more confidence in the appearance of your smile, restored chewing and eating function, added nutritional benefits, are all advantages of dental implants that can contribute to improving your overall quality of life. Enjoying food you love, smiling more, and feeling healthier are benefits you may not have realized you could get from a tooth replacement solution.
4. Saving Money: Dental implant treatment requires a large investment that may seem costly at first, however, it is important to remember that the other tooth replacement options available may require regular maintenance over time. In most cases, maintenance means more financial investment. Therefore, in the long run, dental implants will likely save you money.
5. Ease of Care: Alternative tooth replacement treatments, such as dentures or bridges are initially more affordable and quicker than dental implant treatment. However, many of these alternatives require more care to maintain. Caring for dental implants is just like caring for natural teeth, with daily brushing and flossing.

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