Teeth in a Day Cost

If you’re missing any of your natural teeth, it’s important to understand the long-term effects of leaving missing teeth untreated. Of course, there are the aesthetic concerns that arise when visible teeth are missing, but there are multiple other considerations, too. Missing even a single tooth can cause the remaining teeth to drift out of alignment and interfere with effective cleaning; missing multiple teeth is likely to interfere with eating and speech and can also cause the shape of the face to change and appear sunken and prematurely old. Replacing missing teeth with dental prosthetics can restore the appearance and function of the smile, though there are different drawbacks and benefits that accompany any dental restoration. If you’re missing any of your natural teeth and wish to replace them, cost may be one of your concerns.

For many patients, Teeth in a Day treatment is a convenient, cost-effective method of replacing missing teeth, providing many of the same medical benefits as traditional dental implants with considerably less time commitment. But what is the cost of Teeth in a Day? The average cost of a complete dental restoration with Teeth in a Day starts at around $18,000, which certainly seems like a lot. However, when compared with a complete dental restoration with traditional dental implants, which tend to cost around $2,500 per tooth, this cost seems far more manageable. After all, most adult humans have 32 permanent teeth; to replace each tooth with conventional implants could easily add up to nearly $100,000 when auxiliary procedures, like bone grafts, are factored in. Of course, the cost of any procedure will vary, based on the complexity of the procedure, the number of teeth being replaced, and even the location and reputation of the dentist, so make sure to consult with your dentist if you’re considering Teeth in a Day and want a more accurate cost estimate.

Teeth in a Day relies on advanced technologies, using high-resolution digital imaging and design to create a reliable, functional dental restoration that requires minimal chair time for the patient and provides immediate results. Traditional dental implants can take anywhere from a few months to a year to completely heal, which means that patients have minimized function and compromised aesthetics during this healing period. Teeth in a Day implants are specially constructed to create a solid bond between implant posts and bone immediately upon placement, which allows dentists to place prosthetic restorations on the same day that the implants are placed, without compromising stability or durability. As these implants continue to heal, the bone and implants heal together; once healing is complete, the permanent dental prosthetic is affixed and adjusted, and the treatment is complete.

Teeth in a Day is most often recommended for generally healthy patients whose teeth haven’t been missing for long, or for patients who have multiple damaged teeth that need to be extracted. With the Teeth in a Day procedure, the teeth can be extracted on the same day that implants are placed, immediately improving the smile and function of the teeth. With the proper care, healthy patients with effective oral hygiene can expect their Teeth in a Day to provide a natural look and feel for the long term, making the initial cost a solid investment in the function and appearance of the smile.

Teeth in a Day Procedure