Laser Gum Bleaching

Today there are two main methods for treating gum pigmentation: surgical treatment and laser treatment.
Surgical treatment to remove gum stains – this is plastic surgery in which the gums are peeled away along with part of the dermis layer in order to reach the deeper skin layer which does not contain the buildup of gums. melanin pigment. After recovery from this surgical operation, which lasts on average up to 14 days, the patient enjoys natural pink gums without pigment spots.

Removing gum spots using a laser – this is actually a treatment in which a kind of gentle peeling of the gums is performed to remove pigmentation spots from them. It is a relatively simple treatment that does not take much time, and in which melanin spots are removed from the patient's gums until a natural pinkish tint is revealed. The laser peeling treatment for gums takes approximately 60 minutes, depending on the number of points on the patient's gums and the depth of each point, and usually no local anesthesia is needed to perform it.

Removing gum stains with a laser is usually painless and does not cause bleeding or swelling in the treated area. However, for a period of about 7 days from the end of treatment, burning of the patient's gums may occur if he consumes very acidic or spicy foods. Laser gum treatment can be completed in one treatment, although sometimes another session may be required for slight improvements in the result.

About the pros and cons of removing spots on the gums using the laser peeling method
Like any cosmetic treatment, the treatment of pigment spots on the gums has many advantages as well as some disadvantages that it is important to know beforehand.

* What are the benefits of gum spot removal treatment using laser peeling?
* The treatment does not cause bleeding gums
* Laser peeling is a generally painless operation
* Laser gum peeling is considered a much more effective treatment method than removing gum stains by surgical means.
* You can get an impression of the result already after the treatment and you can determine whether further treatments will be necessary

What are the disadvantages of gum peeling treatments using the laser method?
* Certain types of lasers are used in gum peeling treatment, which can cause the jaws or teeth to overheat. Today, the erbium type laser is the safest and also the most effective for laser peeling.
* Following treatment, the patient may suffer from burning gums if he then consumes spicy or acidic foods.
* When removing gum stains with a laser, an unpleasant smell of burnt skin may appear.

Do the spots reappear after gum depigmentation treatments or are the results permanent?
The tendency of melanin spots to reappear in the gum area greatly depends on the intensity of the pigmentation and the extent of the problem, as well as the amount of time that has passed since the gum spots were removed. In most cases, the results last for several years, when there is a tendency for 30% of the spots that have been removed to reappear within about 5 years from the date of treatment.

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