What is TeethXpress?

Tooth loss is a common occurrence in the United States. There are nearly 36 million adults living without all of their upper and/or lower teeth.

With so many tooth replacement options, it is hard to know which is the best solution. The most hassle-free and easiest solution is TeethXpress! In just one appointment, your smile can be restored to its full potential.

But What Is This Type of Tooth replacement?

This procedure is unique because it requires only 4-6 implants, to support a full arch replacement for either the upper or lower jaw. There is no need for extra surgical procedures, such as bone grafting.

How Does This System Compare to Other Systems?

Patients experience a short recovery time which enables them to enjoy their smiles just one day after their procedure! In just one appointment, 4–6 implants are placed to secure the permanent structure. This procedure is very cost-effective with a full arch being placed with a minimal amount of implants.

Other advantages of this system are listed below:

• Temporary dentures and adhesives aren’t needed

• The permanent arch helps protect against bone loss

• It is a permanent structure that is made to last a lifetime

• No additional bone grafting is needed since the existing bone is used for the procedure

To find out if this procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Hodges to schedule an appointment today!