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Treatment for gummy smiles and uneven gum lines

People whose teeth appear too short or whose gums dominate their smile, and people with uneven gum lines may feel self-conscious and may awkwardly try to hide their smile or not smile at all.

Expert gum treatment

Dr. Hodges is highly trained in techniques to re-sculpt gum and bone tissue. Dr. Hodges also teaches other periodontists advanced gum and bone surgery techniques at workshops, seminars and continuing education classes around the country.

What is a gummy smile?

The teeth in a gummy smile are not actually too short. There is excess bone around the tooth, which covers more of the crown than usual, and the gums grow to cover the bone.

Gummy smiles are not just a cosmetic problem. Teeth that have gum lines that cover too much of the crown are also harder to treat if the tooth develops decay or becomes fractured.

The excess coverage of the tooth can be corrected by our doctors and your gum line can be restored to an optimum position for beauty and increased oral health.

Aesthetic crown exposure to correct gummy smiles

Treatment for Gummy Smiles & Uneven Gums

The piezo device is used to sculpt hard surfaces and bone tissue.

The doctor uses a piezo ultrasonic surgery unit to gently sculpt away the excess bone. The piezo emits micro-vibrations that gently cut the bone but do not affect the gum tissue.

The doctor removes excess gum tissue and recontours the gum into its new position and shape.

The contouring continues until the gum line height and width is in the correct position around each tooth and the smile looks natural and attractive.

Functional crown lengthening

When a tooth needs a dental crown due to decay, wear or fractures, there must be enough of the natural tooth exposed for the restoration to be properly placed. If the gum line is too high for the dental crown to be placed without causing irritation and pain, the doctor exposes sufficient tooth surface to attach the dental crown successfully.

Teeth can also develop cavities under the gum line. These are very difficult to fill unless the tooth surface is sufficiently exposed. The doctor will expose enough tooth surface for the filling to be done.

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

Sometimes certain teeth, such as canines, fail to erupt. Instead, they are buried under the gums.

Orthodontists will sometimes need to bring these teeth into their proper position in the dental arch as part of orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Hodges can assist the orthodontist by exposing the tooth buried under the gum line and attaching an orthodontic bracket to the newly exposed crown. The orthodontist can then access the tooth and bring it into proper position.

Gum Recontouring for an uneven gum line

Sometimes the gum line is uneven and it needs to be evened out. This is a simple procedure, which our doctor performs with a soft-tissue laser or a scalpel.

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