TeethXpress® New Teeth in One Day

TeethXpress<sup>®</sup> New Teeth in One Day in Rockwall

Secure, natural-looking teeth in as little as one day

TeethXpress<sup>®</sup> New Teeth in One Day in RockwallAre you tired of wearing dentures that slip and make it hard to speak or eat the foods you like?

Or do you have remaining teeth that are so broken down that you need to have them all replaced?

We can give you full-arch replacement teeth that look totally natural, are stably fixed on your arch, have close to full chewing power and will not slip or irritate your gums. In the vast majority of cases we can do the whole procedure in the same day.

Dr. Hodges is a Preferred Providers for TeethXpress®, a revolutionary fixed-in tooth replacement procedure for a full arch.

Most economical full-arch replacement option

TeethXpress® is your fastest and most economical full-arch teeth replacement option.

How TeethXpress works

Our Gum Disease TreatmentDr. Hodges will place four to six specially designed implants in strategic locations on your arch to act as strong support for the denture. The implants are designed with connecting pieces that go on the top of the implant. The connecting pieces, known as abutments, have receiving holes for screws. The connecting pieces act as the attachment point to the denture.

Precise preparation

The doctor will place the implants where the bone is of the highest volume and quality and will provide the greatest stability.

To determine the best implant placement points, they obtain full digital X-rays and a 3D 360º CT scan of the arch. These images show where the bone structure is strongest and where implants can be optimally positioned. Dr. Hodges uses these images to precisely plan out the placement of your supporting implants.

Implants for both arches in one day

We can do the entire procedure, culminating in a new set of teeth, in one day, including extractions if needed.

After any needed extractions are done, your doctor places the implants. He or she then inspects the implants to see if they are stable enough to have the new teeth securely attached to them at that time. If so, the specially-fitted teeth are placed on the arch and screwed onto the implant connectors.

TeethXpress<sup>®</sup> New Teeth in One Day in RockwallIf the implants are not stable enough to screw in the new teeth at that time, we fit the teeth with a special attachment that allows some added support. Your doctor will place the final screws after the implants have stabilized.

The first set of teeth that are placed over the implants are temporary, but fully functional. The final teeth will be placed after the implants have fully healed.

Follow-up and final teeth

Your doctor will see you in follow-up visits over the next several months to monitor your progress. When the implants have fully healed, your final teeth will be fixed in. These new teeth will look totally natural, provide near full chewing power and will look and function like regular teeth. You will be able to speak, eat the foods you like, and smile with total confidence!

Come in for a consultation

Come in for a consultation and meet with Dr Hodges to see if you are candidate for TeethXpress and if it is the right teeth replacement option for you.

To make an appointment, call our Rockwall 972-771-8640 or Paris 903-785-4832 office, or click here to request an appointment online.