State-of-the-Art Technology

We use a wide array of high-technology tools for accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment. Read below and learn about the technology we use.

  • About Our Practice - North Texas Periodontal SpecialistsPerioscope

    The Perioscope is a specially designed tiny video camera that we place into the pockets between your gums and teeth. With the Perioscope we see plaque and calculus deposits under the gum line that we could not detect before without surgery. We can then remove this plaque and calculus non-surgically in a large percentage of gum disease treatments. Read more about gum treatment with the Perioscope here.

  • State of the Art TechnologyCone Beam 3D CT Scanner

    This scanner rotates 360 degrees around your head, and produces crisp 3D 360 degree images of your jawbone and tooth structure in seconds. These 3D images allow us to evaluate your condition accurately without using invasive procedures, and to precisely plan your implant placement and other treatments.

  • Digital X-rays

    Our Digital X-rays emit far less radiation than conventional X-rays. The images are available immediately on a computer monitor, and are often much clearer than conventional film X-rays. Dr. Hodges can take a much closer look at your gums and teeth using digital X-rays, as they can zoom in on small areas of the images.

  • Comfort & Sedation DentistryPiezo Ultrasonic surgical instrument

    Our doctors uses a Piezo ultrasonic surgical instrument to cut hard surfaces and bone. This instrument emits a controlled micro-vibration that precisely cuts enamel and bone but does not affect gums or other soft tissue. This technology is far less invasive and far more accurate than conventional surgical instruments.

  • Sonic Weld - State of the Art TechnologyUltrasonic bone grafting system

    If there is not enough bone structure to place an implant, the missing bone structure has to be replaced. The adding of bone material to replace lost bone structure is called Bone Grafting. The SonicWeld Rx® system uses ultrasound technology and bio-compatible materials to gently secure a plate that holds the new bone material in place. The use of this system makes bone replacement more precise and may speed the healing process compared to more traditional methods.

  • State of the Art TechnologyUltrasonic scaling device

    We use ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and calculus that has accumulated in the pockets between your teeth and gums. Ultrasonic scaling instruments clean deeper and faster than traditional scaling instruments. They also can be more comfortable for the patient.

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