Start Paying Attention To Your Childs Baby Teeth

Take care of baby teethBaby teeth are a lot more than a temporary stop on your child’s transition to adulthood.

They have a big part to play in your child’s development so the sooner you start paying attention to them the better. Continue reading for 5 reasons why you should start sooner rather than later.

1. Baby teeth mean healthy adult teeth
Due to the size of your child’s baby teeth and the thin layer of enamel they possess in comparison to adult teeth, they are more prone to cavities and tooth decay. Your adult teeth reside closely behind your baby teeth so when your baby teeth suffer these health issues it is not unlikely that the adult teeth can suffer too. If you leave your children’s baby teeth unchecked it could result in permanent damage to their adult teeth.

2. Self-Esteem
The development of your self-esteem is most crucial during childhood. As a child, you can be distracted easily and miss out on important opportunities for the social engagement that helps develop a strong sense of self-esteem. Dental pain can be a big distractor and cause them to feel anxious, angry, or embarrassed about their mouths. With this distraction and the resulting feelings, they may be more reluctant to engage with others and create important friendships which will take a huge toll on their self-esteem. Be sure your child’s baby teeth aren’t in pain so your child can develop into a confident and well-adjusted person.

3. The creation of speech patterns
The development of proper speech patterns resides in your mouth. If your baby teeth are not aligned properly it can result in you mispronouncing important words. If left unchecked this can lead to poor speech patterns to develop early on which you will then take with you into adulthood.

4. Baby teeth impact the alignment of your adult teeth
When your baby teeth are lost earlier than expected they leave a missing space in your mouth. The teeth surrounding the missing space will work to fill this space in the meantime, but that means the permanent tooth that was meant to replace the space has less room to grow as a result. Stay mindful of this as it can lead to crooked teeth and improper alignment.

5. Creating healthy habits that last a lifetime
As a kid, you learn proper eating and cleaning habits such as chewing your food and brushing your teeth. These are lifelong habits you develop when you have your baby teeth and take with your into adulthood when you have your permanent teeth so it is important you develop the proper ones.

Dr. Hodges and the rest of our team care about the health and wellbeing, and in the rare cases of children needing treatment for periodontal issues, we can help. If your child is one of them, contact us today!