Perioscope: Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment

We can treat gum disease without invasive surgery using a Perioscope.

Revolutionary non-surgical treatment for moderate and severe gum disease

Dr. Hodges uses a revolutionary tool to effectively treat most cases of moderate and severe gum disease without the need of surgery.

A Perioscope is a dental endoscope (endo means “within” and scope means “observe or look at”), and the procedure using this tool is known as Perioscopy. It is used to view inside the pockets between the gum and teeth at high magnifications.

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The Perioscope is a tiny camera that can be placed inside the pocket between the gum and the tooth.

Gum disease forms pockets where the gum has detached from the tooth due to the increasing accumulation of calculus (hardened deposits of mineralized plaque). Where the pockets are 5mm or more in depth, surgery has traditionally been needed to be able to see the buried calculus deposits and remove them.

The state-of-the-art Perioscope

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment

The Perioscope system has a monitor which instantly displays the image being captured by the tiny video camera placed into the gum pocket.

The Perioscope removes the need for surgery for the vast majority of patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease. The Perioscope is a specially designed tiny video camera that can be inserted into a diseased gum pocket. It has a magnification capability of up to 48 times, and the video images are relayed instantly to a connected monitor. Using this we can see deeply buried deposits of calculus that before needed surgery to be detected.

Minimally invasive non-surgical treatment

Once the buried calculus is detected, we can remove it using instruments very similar to, but smaller than those used for deep cleaning. This is no more invasive than regular deep cleaning.

More thorough and efficient results

Using the Perioscope we can directly inspect the results of our cleaning with high magnification to ensure that we have removed all of the deposits. In fact, we can get better results than with surgery, as in surgery we can’t see very well between or on the back of the teeth.

We also use the Perioscope to do root planing, which removes the rough spots from the tooth surface where plaque can accumulate. The Perioscope allows us to see the root in detail for a more thorough removal of deposits.

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