Periodontics for Children

Gentle, effective treatment of child periodontal issues

Periodontics for ChildrenThe vast majority of periodontal treatment is given to adults. But occasionally children need periodontal treatment, too.

Children rarely need treatment for plaque buildup and bone loss. There are instances, however, where they need treatment for gum related-issues due to infection or other causes. Sometimes children need gum grafting to build up areas of thin gum tissue. There is also an occasional need for surgical adjustment of their soft tissue or bone to assist orthodontic treatment.

Attentive care for your child

We recognize that children require very delicate and attentive care to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Our approach to children is gentle and reassuring.

You can attend the exam

Dr. Hodges conducts a standard new patient exam for every child. During the exam you are welcome to sit in the treatment room with the doctor and your child. The doctor will conference with you afterwards and will present you their findings, discuss treatment options and answer all of your questions.

You will also be able to sit in the treatment room with your child during a treatment visit up until the treatment actually begins.

Correcting problems with the frenum

Periodontics for Children

Dr. Hodges will occasionally need to perform a surgical procedure on your child to reduce the size of a connecting piece of tissue in their mouth known as a frenum. The procedure is known as a frenectomy.

What is a frenum?

The frenum (also known as the frenulum) is a small fold of tissue that connects two parts of your mouth together and limits the motion of one of the connected parts. You can find the frena in your mouth on the inside center of your lips and in the center of the tongue on its underside.

Too strong a frenum causes oral problems

Occasionally a frenum is genetically too large and as a result, it is too strong. This limits the motion of the connected parts and pulls too heavily on the tissues.

A large frenum under the tongue makes it harder to chew food completely, inhibiting digestion. It can also contribute to a speech impediment. A large frenum inside the lip can cause the gums to recede on the nearby teeth.

Gentle techniques to reduce frenum strength to normal

Dr. Hodges uses a gentle surgical techniques to reduce the size of a frenum and bring it back to its correct strength. The doctor may also graft new gum tissue around affected teeth and restore the proper gum line.

Where your child needs a frenectomy, the doctor will explain everything involved for proper treatment and will answer all your questions.

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