How Do Bridges, Dentures, and Implants Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can be a source of frustration for the millions of people who suffer because of them, whether they struggle with chewing or speaking, or don’t feel confident in their smile. If you are missing teeth due to gum disease, injury or any of a multitude of reasons, modern dentistry has options available for replacing these missing teeth. For those who are not familiar with these, here are some of the possible ways your missing teeth may be addressed.

A Dental Bridge

If you have a gap of a few missing teeth in a row, a bridge is one potential solution. Made up of a pontic (an artificial tooth) which is anchored to the adjacent teeth, bridges can be held in place either by crowns on the surrounding natural teeth or with dental implants (which will be covered more below). Bridges are generally fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed by you.


When dentures are mentioned, most people will picture complete dentures that replace either the full top or bottom sets of teeth (or even both). Overdentures are another option for when the person still has a group of their original teeth. Extractions are often required before getting dentures, so there may be a choice between having the dentures fit immediately (and requiring follow-up visits for adjustment) or a few weeks after the procedure to allow healing to complete.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best replacement for real teeth that are currently available. Implants act just like the roots of real teeth, making them look, feel and act just like the real thing. Since they anchor into the jaw bone just like natural teeth do, they help prevent the bone loss that will normally occur when teeth are missing.

Implants aren’t just a solution for people who are missing one or two teeth, however; they can be part of a number of cost-effective solutions for those who are missing many, or even all of their teeth, by combining them with partial or full dentures.

At Northeast Texas Periodontal Specialists, Dr. Hodges and Dr. Sheppard offer implant-based solutions for missing teeth, including implant-supported bridges, implant-retained dentures, and TeethXpress, which can replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom arch of the mouth through the placement of only 4 to 6 dental implants.

If you are missing teeth and want to know what options would work best for your needs, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. You can click here to request an appointment online with either our Rockwall or Paris, TX locations.