Gum Recession Treatment

Gum Recession Treatment

New gums with minimally invasive gum grafting

Gum recession occurs when gums retract and expose the roots of the tooth. It is what gives you that “long in the tooth” look that makes you look old. It also makes your teeth sensitive and seriously affects your dental health, as the roots are softer than tooth enamel and aren’t as well shielded from external damage.

Our minimally invasive gum grafting procedures restore your gum volume around your teeth and give you a healthy and more aesthetic smile. Your teeth will be much less sensitive, your appearance will be more aesthetic, and your tooth roots will be protected from further decay, tissue loss and bone loss.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Dr. Nathan HodgesAs a periodontist, Dr. Hodges is highly trained and experienced in gum grafting procedures and he has completed considerable advanced education. In addition, Dr. Hodges is himself a sought-after lecturer on advanced periodontal techniques.

Why gums recede

Gum recession can be caused by:

  • Severe gum disease
  • Genetics
  • Overly aggressive brushing and flossing
  • Earlier orthodontic treatment
  • Inadequate earlier dental hygiene
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Trauma to the teeth
  • Tobacco products

The dangers of gum recession

Because the root has no hard enamel surface to protect it, the root surface tends to erode. It becomes sensitive to heat, cold and sweets. It can also become damaged from acids, aggressive brushing and bacteria. The tooth can eventually get so worn down that it can loosen or break.

Thin gums

Gum grafting also corrects gums that are too thin. Thin gums cannot support the teeth adequately and will eventually lead to gum recession and bone loss.

Gum Recession Exam & Consultation

new patient exam

On your first visit to our practice you will receive a thorough exam.

Your first step in repairing your receding gums is a thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Hodges. He will evaluate the extent of your gum recession, as well as check for other contributing issues.

He will discuss his findings with you so you fully understand your condition. He then will thoroughly inform you of your treatment options, give advice on the best path and answer any questions.

To make an appointment, call our Rockwall 972-771-8640 or Paris 903-785-4832 office, or click here to request an appointment online.

Minimally invasive microsurgical treatment

Dr. Hodges use a surgical “tunneling technique” for gum grafting. Traditional gum grafting techniques involve taking a large piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth, which is painful and takes a while to heal. With the “tunneling technique” they use micro-instruments to remove a small amount of tissue from the roof of the mouth and add this tissue to the receded area.

With traditional gum grafting, incisions are required where the gum meets the tooth; these are not needed in microsurgical treatment. Microsurgical treatment also removes the need for heavy anesthesia, healing is faster and far more comfortable, and the result is very natural-looking.

Minimally Invasive AlloDerm® Gum Grafting

Whenever possible, for gum grafting Dr. Hodges will use AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) instead of taking soft tissue from the palate (roof) of the patient’s mouth. This makes the procedure less invasive, lowers the risk of postoperative complications and increases the postoperative comfort of the patient.

AlloDerm RTM comes from donated tissue and is a very safe material. Dr. Hodges has been using it successfully for gum grafting since 2000, and it has been used in dentistry since 1997 for this purpose.

Magnification to assist precision

loupesThe doctor will wear a pair of “surgical loupes” while doing the procedure. These are glasses with attached high-powered magnifying lenses. Using the loupes they can see the surgical area closely and make precise tiny incisions with their instruments.

Biological growth factors are used to boost healing

We apply biologic modifiers to the treated area. These are growth proteins and other biological substances extracted from your own blood or from other human or animal sources. The use of biologic modifiers boosts healing time and decreases any post-operative discomfort.

A natural-looking result

The new gums are also very natural-looking. Traditional surgery leaves a white patch which does not blend with the natural color of the surrounding gum tissue. With our minimally invasive techniques your gums with the new gum graft are their normal pink color. After healing has completed, many of our patients have been unable to pick out which teeth were treated and which were left alone.

Before and After Pictures

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Patient Testimonials - Dr. Ladewig“I could tell he was concerned for my well-being.”

“The staff were very up front, courteous and knowledgeable. They greeted me when I walked in and handled things efficiently. I was very comfortable with them.

“Dr. Hodges was very smart. He could really identify the problem and explain it to me in ways I could understand.

“He was very friendly and really listened to me. I could tell he was concerned for my well-being. He called me after I received treatment to see how I was, and gave me his cell phone number so I could get a hold of him if needed.

“The work was very thorough. My periodontal disease has been arrested, and I still have teeth! “

– Dr. Howard Ladewig, Gum Surgery Patient


Patient Testimonials - Glen“Dr. Hodges was really friendly and knowledgeable.”

“I had a broken tooth, receding gums and general gum disease.

“The staff at the practice were all so friendly and willing to work with me and make me feel comfortable. The office was very well maintained and inviting.

“Dr. Hodges was really friendly and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and explained the procedures and what I could expect in depth. I had confidence in him after the initial analysis was done and he had presented his findings and treatment plan.

“My upper gums have recovered and remain stable and healthy. The implant and crown took the place of my tooth so I don’t have a huge hole there. The hole was from a bottom front tooth so you could see it when I talked. Now there’s a tooth that looks natural, and I don’t feel self-conscious.”

– Glen, Implant and Gum Treatment Patient

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To make an appointment, call our Rockwall 972-771-8640 or Paris 903-785-4832 office, or click here to request an appointment online.