Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Rockwall

Advanced technology for minimally invasive extractions

tooth_pullSometimes our doctors will have to extract a tooth because it is too deteriorated to warrant any attempts at preservation. At other times they may have to remove a tooth that has remained buried under the gums and is causing a health problem if left in place.

At our office, we use advanced technology to make our extractions minimally invasive.

Gentle injections for comfort

Our injections always start with a topical anesthetic at the injection site to remove any initial sensation.

Ultrasonic surgical device saves bone and reduces trauma

State of the Art Technology

With the piezo, the tooth is very precisely dislodged from the remaining bone connections and contour for an easy extraction. This preserves more bone than with standard surgical techniques and makes the extraction far less traumatic.

No damage to surrounding tissue

Traditionally, extractions often involve moving the tooth back and forth and rotating it in a circular motion to dislodge it from the connective tissue and bone. This traumatizes the surrounding tissues and causes swelling.

We remove the tooth without all the motions that tear and traumatize connected tissue. Using special instruments, the tooth is gently pulled out vertically, much like you would pull a cork off the top of a bottle.

This causes little to no trauma on the surrounding tissue, saves bone from further loss, prevents swelling and speeds healing time.

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