Comfort & Sedation

Comfortable care

We always make sure you are comfortable during treatment.

We’ll make your treatment comfortable

We treat comfort as a top priority. We do everything we can to help you relax and make your treatment comfortable and easy on you. Dr. Hodges, Dr. Sheppard, and staff, our office environment, our minimally invasive treatments and our sedation options all contribute to giving you comfortable care.

Caring and attentive service

Our friendly, attentive staff will see to your comfort at every point of your visit. Our doctors are very caring and will make sure you are at ease as he takes care of you. They will keep you well informed, explain things to you so you understand what is going on, and will answer all of your questions.

You will like our attractive reception area and our bright treatment rooms lit with natural light. You will also get a warm welcome from our staff every time you come.

Amenities for additional comfort

We provide blankets and pillows to make sure you are warm and comfortable in your chair. We also provide massaging chairs and we can use a back massager to relieve tension.

Conservative and minimally invasive procedures

Our approach to treatment is conservative. A major way we reduce discomfort is by using non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.

  • The Perioscope

    About Our Practice - North Texas Periodontal SpecialistsThe Perioscope is a revolutionary advancement that removes the need for surgery for the vast majority of patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease. The Perioscope is a tiny video camera with high magnification that facilitates the use of non-surgical methods.

  • Ultrasonic device for cleaning

    Comfort & Sedation DentistryOur ultrasonic scaler uses sound waves to remove plaque and calculus gently and with far less impact on the teeth and gums than standard scaling instruments.

  • Gentle laser treatment

    Comfort & Sedation DentistryOur dental laser is a gentle and effective tool used to remove bacteria and promote gum reattachment, as well as for cosmetic gum treatment.

  • Piezo ultrasonic surgical device

    Comfort & Sedation DentistryOur doctors use a piezoelectric surgical device that emits a controlled ultrasonic micro-vibration that precisely cuts bone but does not penetrate or harm soft tissue. Piezo hard tissue incisions are far more precise and far less invasive than those made by traditional surgical instruments. This makes the piezo ideal for surgical procedures in sensitive areas. Since we don’t affect so much tissue adjacent to the incision area, healing time and any post-operative discomfort are greatly reduced.

Careful and gentle injections for local anesthesia

When giving local anesthetic, we first use a topical anesthetic on the point of injection to remove any initial sensation. We then administer the anesthetic gently and slowly so any discomfort is minimized.


If you want extra help relaxing, we provide sedation options to allow you to receive your treatment comfortably.

IV conscious sedation

In IV conscious sedation, medication is entered directly into the bloodstream. The effect is almost immediate. You enter a state of deep relaxation and a sort of “twilight” sleep where you are still conscious and can respond to questions or communication from the doctor. Since we regulate the flow of medications we can adjust the level as needed to obtain optimal comfort.

Dr. Hodges is certified to administer IV sedation and is very skilled and experienced. In addition to his work in private practice, Dr. Hodges is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Graduate Periodontics at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. As part of his teaching duties, he supervises residents’ sedation of surgical patients.

Oral conscious sedation

In oral conscious sedation, we give you a sedative pill to help you relax. You are still able to respond to the doctor’s questions or requests.

Virtual Reality (VR) Sedation

Dr. Sheppard offers a special type of sedation known as VR Sedation or digital nitrous. With our OperaVR device, we can help reduce dental anxiety with the same calming effect as nitrous oxide without the drugs.

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