Does your Child Need One of These Orthodontic Tools?

when do kids start losing their teeth

Everyone has known someone who had dental braces. Most of us sported them or knew friends and family who did throughout our adolescent years. In fact, nearly 4 million Americans are using braces right now, and they are one of the most utilized variety of pediatric orthodontics. We’ve compiled a quick lineup of a number […]

How Much of Our Oral Health Is Genetic?

do we inherit bad teeth?

Since birth, there’s always others saying how much we look like a parent or family member. “You’ve got your mama’s eyes,” or “You have your grandfather’s nose,” are versions of expressions that most of us listen to throughout our lifetime. We know that a number of our physical qualities and our personalities are associated with […]

3 Dental Risks To Know When You’re Pregnant

what diseases am i prone to during pregnancy

Dental hygiene is an essential practice during any point of our life—including infancy. But patients who are pregnant face distinct problems and risks at the time that the infant is developing. Matters like morning sickness, escalated hormones, along with a difference in diet can easily cause various side effects in the whole human body; however, […]

Does The Whole World Believe In The Tooth Fairy?

Are Americans the only ones who teach their kids about the tooth fairy?

Everyone can recollect moments from our youth when the Tooth Fairy traded money for our prized baby teeth. It’s a favored practice for American families, and the Tooth Fairy is also a good tale for parents to apply when trying to convince their children to take good care of their teeth. Vicki Lanksy, a writer, […]

How Important Is It To See A Doctor If I Hurt My Jaw?

does a jaw injury effect my teeth?

Have you ever noticed that one of our initial responses to a potential injury is the immediate attempt to guard our head and face? When someone throws a punch or if we get into an automotive accident, our arms and hands fly up to our face so as to try to shield ourselves from any […]

Is A Cleft Lip Different From A Cleft Palate?

treating infants with cleft lip or cleft palate

Orofacial clefts, likewise called cleft lip or cleft palate, are one of the most typical abnormalities in the United States. Actually, it is estimated that around 2,650 infants are born with a cleft palate every year in the United States, and about 4,440 are born with a cleft lip. A cleft results during very early […]

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Roughly 5 million Americans have had their wisdom teeth removed, resulting in a cost of $3 billion every year. It’s likely that you are one of the Americans who has received this common surgery. If so, a dentist probably pulled your wisdom teeth because they were obstructing the health of the rest of your teeth. […]

The Effects of Smiles

No matter what language barriers stand between us, a smile is a universal symbol of joy and reliability when it comes to non-verbal communication. You could almost state that getting a big, genuine smile from someone is more beneficial than receiving money, according to a study carried out in 2005. “The powerful emotions triggered when […]

Can Lifestyle Choices Cause Dental Fillings to Fail?

A paper published in Frontiers in Medicine took a look at composite and amalgam dental fillings and a number of factors which can cause them to fail. Among the factors looked at were age, sex, smoking, drinking alcohol, periodontal health, diabetes, and genetics. 4,856 individuals’ dental records from five years were examined for the research […]

Having Trouble With a Canker Sore?

About twenty percent (1 in 5) of people have suffered from canker sores. Manifesting only in the inside of the mouth, as opposed to cold sores, canker sores (also known as aphthous ulcers) aren’t contagious. One can spot these sores by their oval shape with a red border. They ordinarily have a gray, white or […]