A More Beautiful Smile With Crown Lengthening

One of the treatments performed at Northeast Texas Periodontal Specialists is crown lengthening. This is a dental surgery that gets rid of extra gum tissue along with bone encompassing the upper teeth in order to make them appear lengthier. Furthermore, crown lengthening can sculpt the gum line so as to provide a more balanced smile. Frequently this procedure is done for cosmetic effect, however, it may also be performed due to tooth decay or cracks below the gum line.

Performed under local anesthesia, Dr. Hodges or Dr. Sheppard makes little incisions in order to make it possible for him or her to pull the gums away from teeth and remove the excessive periodontal tissue. In many cases, just a little tissue needs to be extracted in order to expose more of the crown. In other situations, when there is actually excessive soft tissue and bone tissue covering up the crown, a small amount of the bone will need to be removed as well. Once done, the gums are finally cleaned with sterilized salt water and stitched up. The entire surgery normally requires from thirty minutes to an hour.

Crown lengthening has a couple of benefits in comparison to many other cosmetic dental treatment options, including that the procedure only needs to be undertaken a single time (generally, no supplementary touch-ups or additional treatments are called for). As well as making a much more symmetrical smile, the procedure can also serve to help reduce the chance of tooth decay, due to the fact that a lot more of the tooth is easily accessible for brushing as well as flossing.

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